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Fort McMurray Customer Claims

Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of Fort McMurray whose lives have been so tragically interrupted by the wildfires. Our Claims and Risk Control Teams have been in contact with all affected customers. They are committed to getting customers’ communities back to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

For Claims, contact:

Jane Williamson, Vice President Claims
Office: 1.416.484.4914; Cell: 1.647.292.5463

Annie Leong, National Claims Specialist
Office: 1.604.605.1090; Cell: 1.604.365.6127

Patrick Edwards-​Jones, Risk Control Specialist
Cell: 1.403.608.8006

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Why Ecclesiastical

As an independent insurance company owned by Allchurches Trust, we approach business from a totally different perspective. We put customers’ needs at the forefront; work closely the finest independent insurance brokers across Canada and foster collaborative ‘trilateral’ relationships with broker partners and customers. As a result, we help mitigate risk, thereby reducing loss and delivering the best value.

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Ecclesiastical has Regional Offices in every part of Canada and works with a coast-​to-​coast network of outstanding brokers. Simply contact the Regional Manager in your area and they will be delighted to help you.